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We made an excellent app for a great company. Full-stack web app with API connection to booking portals and hardware connect.
“Together with Gecora, we work on software development for entrepreneurs operating in the hotel and accommodation segment. We highly evaluate communication, promptness in handling requests and individual approach. All agreements were fulfilled on time and within the scope of the contract. It is a partner with whom we want to grow together and without which it would not be possible to turn our digital ideas into reality.”
Tomáš Lukáč
CEO at Apartment Holdings

The assignment was clear

Apartment Holdings chose us as a software supplier for their company based on previous website cooperation.

Our task was to create a system for the complete automation of the check-in process. We have made an application with precise and responsive administration, including fully modulatable email and SMS notifications.

Biometrics and it's use in real life

Thanks to facial biometrics, we could fully automate the check-in process.

All you have to do is scan the front and back of your document, which is about to stay, then take a selfie and can be accommodated in the apartment of your choice within less than 3 minutes.

MRZ scanner

Without bothering the user.

With this password, we filled in the data about the primary guest—no manual entry of first name, last name, or date of birth. Everything happens fully automatically.

The scan of the back of the document passes through our MRZ scanner integrated into the Apartment Holdings application, and the application completes all the necessary data itself.

Lockbox API

No reception. Instant self-check in.

Thanks to the API connection to all Apartment Holdings locks, we saved hours of time and kilometers. After a successful selfie biometric test, you will unlock the door lock yourself using the code you receive in both the SMS and email.

Upsell, tourist taxes, deposit

Earlier check incheck-in? Later checkout or parking?

These and many more additional services can be purchased directly during check-in, naturally increasing the additional upsell. Integrated card payment, Apple Pay or Google Pay are a matter of course in our systems.

Booking portals

Instant sync.

The client will receive a link immediately after booking on one of the online booking portals, where he can check online. This check-in can be made at any time until the date of arrival, and at any time, it may decide to suspend the process at any step. The next time he returns to the link, he will continue exactly where he left off.

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